What is Gallery?


Gallery is an online space for students, staff and parents to share photos, videos and documents from both Scotch and PLC. Events such as assemblies, school camps, sports games and productions are ideal for the service.


It is important to have one place to share this information because it allows everyone in the Scotch and PLC community to easily view activities taking place around the schools, and helps to strengthen the community bond by keeping everyone informed.


Gallery allows viewers to use its ‘Simple Search’ tool to find information quickly. You can narrow your search for photographs and videos by selecting the type of event you want to see and choose the date the photos or videos were uploaded. This makes your search quicker and easier.


The schools encourage everyone to take photos and videos at school events and to share them on Gallery

Gallery can be accessed through home.SCOTCH or home.PLC.


Who can upload to Gallery

  • All students, staff and parents are able to upload and share their pictures and videos on Gallery.
  • It is important that all information uploaded to Gallery is appropriate for all to see and therefore all photos uploaded must be approved for general viewing.

For more information on using Gallery, visit this FAQ: How do I upload my pictures into Gallery?