Is Photos different to iPhoto?


Once you update to OS X 10.10.3 and onwards, you will discover a new application called Photos . This is a different application that still contains the same functions as iPhoto , however it has added new features that are designed to make your photo/video organisation process more efficient. 

There are several important things you must know about Photos 

  • Photos is Apple's new replacement for iPhoto  - therefore iPhoto  will no longer receive any updates. If you still get prompted to update iPhoto  even when Photos  is already installed, visit this FAQ.

  • When you start Photos  for the first time it will ask if it should convert your existing photo library from iPhoto . Converting simply makes your existing library Photos compatible, whilst retaining backwards compatibility with older apps. 

    • For more information on how to import your old iPhoto Library into Photos  visit this link.

  • If your computer is still running OSX 10.10.2 or below, you will still have the iPhoto  application, functioning and available for your use.
  • Once you have transferred your iPhoto  library to the Photos application, you can delete iPhoto.
  1. To delete iPhoto  navigate to your Applications Folder  and select iPhoto.
  2. Click and Drag iPhoto  to your Trash (or Right Click and select Move to Trash). Then Empty Trash to delete the application and free up more space on your hard disk.