Sometimes when you work on a document, you might open it directly from Outlook  . 
Consequently, when you save this document, you do not save it to a new location (like your desktop). This file will then be saved into the Temporary Items Folder, which can be very hard to locate.

To resolve this issue:

  1. Open the Finder  Application.
  2. Select the Go drop down menu and then select Go to Folder... 

  3. Search for /private/var/folders to find the Outlook Temp Folder .

  4. Now, select the Search Bar.

  5. Search in "Folders" for or outlook temp. 

  6. Then, search the Folders   for the Outlook Temp Folder .

  7. Select your files and Save Them to a more Secure Location (e.g. documents).

    If you have any further questions or any of this is unclear please don't hesitate to contact 1Degree.

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