How can I access the portals on Parent Connect?


Connect is the Information Service Utility used at Scotch to organise and process information related to Scotch parents and their corresponding information and events. It is a very important function that is used by students, teachers and parents. On Parent Connect you have access to a range of different portals that will provide you with information on important aspects of your son's education and school records.


The different portals available for access whilst using Parent Connect are:

Pin: Videos of the Parent Information evening talks.
Medical Information Check: Check/update your child medical details
Music Co-curricular: Peripatetic music lesson times
Library: The Scotch Library website
Middle School Portal: The Middle School portal


For access to these portals please follow the steps below:


  1. Log in to Parent Connect. For information on how to do this, please follow the FAQ.
  2. Click on the Portals page of Parent Connect. This is located in the Tool Bar on the left side of the page.

  3. Click on whatever portal page you would like to view. For example, to view your son's Medical Information Check, then click on that specific button.

Now you should be able to access the 'Portals' function of Parent Connect.