How do I report an IT problem?


When you face an IT issue; it is important to report it to the correct department for your issue to be solved effectively. There are a couple of considerations that needs to be made before you inquire about your issue; 

  1. What Type of issue is it? 
  2. Who do I contact? 

1 Degree and Facilities/Maintenance can assist you with a vast range of your issues. This FAQ will clarify all of this for you. Once you have acknowledged your issue, decide what category it fits in. Below is a list of Categorised Issues and Who to contact for help.

  • Laptops/Computers:

    • ​Contact 1 Degree 
    • Possible issues: Hardware damage, Hardware Accessories needed etc.
  • Wi-Fi: 

    • ​Contact: 1 Degree
    • Possible issues: Dropouts, Inability to connect etc.
  • Software:

    • Contact: 1 Degree
    • Possible issues: Outlook isn't working, Software crashing, Data loss etc.
  • Projector: 

    • ​Contact: 1 Degree
    • Possible issues: Disconnecting frequently, No audio, No visual etc.


If your issue falls in line with the above topics, please contact 1 Degree at Scotch: or 1 Degree at PLC:

Other issues:

  • Power:

    • ​Contact: Facilities/Maintenance
    • Possible issues: Outages, Replacements etc.
  • Security:

    • ​Contact: Facilities/Maintenance
    • Possible issues: Protection, Passwords etc.
  • Keys:

    • ​Contact: Facilities/Maintenance
    • Possible issues: Lost keys, Finding correct keys, Accessibility issues etc.


If your issue falls in line with the above topics, please contact Facilities at Scotch: or Maintenance at PLC: