How can I access documents on my computer from a Scotch loan laptop?


All Scotch laptops now have CrashPlan  installed. This is an application that backs up your computer whenever connected to the Scotch network and therefore allows you to access your documents through the application or over the internet.


To access your documents from a loan machine:

  1. Firstly, please note that restoring data requires a network connection. The software will use your personal network at home to access the Scotch server in order to function.
    • For home use, CrashPlan  will be running at the lowest possible upload rate per hour. However, your personal network bandwidth will be used.
    • For use at Scotch, the highest upload rate will be used.
    • It is recommended that you connect to Scotch's network to restores larger files as the network speed is faster and it will save your personal network data/bandwidth.

    • Also note, that through the web interface the maximum download size is 500MB.

  2. To access CrashPlan via the web interface  on the loan machine you will need to Log Into this website:
  3. Sign in using your Student UID (not your email) & Password and click Sign In.

  4. Once the CrashPlan  website has opened,  select the Devices tab. Then select the Restore button on the right hand side.

  5. You will then need to Find the document(s) you wish to download and Check the box next to them. Once you've selected the correct documents Click Restore.

  6. The document(s) you've selected will then download to your desktop or downloads file, depending on your settings.

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