How do I get my iPhoto images into 'Photos' on my Mac?


The update from Maverick to Yosemite, changes iPhoto to Photos.

This FAQ will show you how to transfer your photos from iPhoto to Photos.

If you only have one photo library then it will automatically transfer your iPhoto library across to the Photos library upon opening Photos for the first time.


If you have multiple iPhoto libraries, unfortunately you're going to have pick your favourite library to transfer. When you open Photos for the first time, it should pop up with a window asking you to choose a library. If this window doesn't appear, you can hold down the Alt/option key whilst opening it. Once you've selected this library, it will transfer to Photos.


  1. Open Photos​ either for the first time or holding down the alt/option key.
  2. Select the Library you wish to use.
  3. Select Choose Library.


Once you have converted your library, iPhoto will not work and you will have to use Photos  to manage and store your pictures.