How do I access the Digital Clan via the iPad App from Scotch?


What is the Clan?

The Clan app is a digitized periodic news pictorial for the Scotch College community. It previews works of many students, staff, and others associations within the school across a variety of areas.


It allows a short insight into some of the activities that are conducted at Scotch College, including but not limited to, Sport's, Tours & Expeditions, Extra Curricular Activities, and the Head's of School report.


The Clan app for iPad allows extra features such as, access to The Gallery, and new interactive features that creates a more streamlined interface.


How do I get it?

  1. To get access to the Clan app for iPad you need to go into the App Store  and search for Scotch Perth. This app should appear.
  2. Then simply Download the App and Open It.

For a more in-depth explanation on how to download it and some features try this YouTube  video, or if you have any additional queries regarding the Clan, contact the Marketing and Development Department


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