AirDrop  is a useful tool for wirelessly transferring files between nearby Apple devices. In this guide, there are instructions for using AirDrop  on both OSX and iOS devices.


  1. Open Finder  and click on AirDrop .
    • If Bluetooth is not enabled, select Turn On Bluetooth.

  2. Devices to which you can AirDrop will be shown as below. To share file(s), simply Drag the desired files on to the Icon for the appropriate device.

  3. If you are not certain about the device name, it can be found on OSX by opening System Preferences and selecting Sharing. The device's name will be shown as below.

  4. Files can only be shared to another device if the recipient is Discoverable. To change this setting, click on Allow me to be discovered by: and select the appropriate setting.

  5. When receiving a file(s), you will be prompted to either Save, Save and Open or Decline. Select the appropriate option.
    • Save will save the file to a default location. This is usually your "Downloads" folder.
    • Save and Open will save the file(s) to a default location and then open the file. This can be useful if you want to save the file(s) to a different location, or if you are not certain of the default save location.
    • Decline will stop the file transfer. 


Additional information about AirDrop on OSX can be found here.



AirDrop can also be used to share a variety of files on iOS. This includes videos, photos and PDF documents, among others.

To use AirDrop on iOS:

  1. Select the file(s) that you wish to share and select the Share icon.

  2. Select the device with which you wish to share the file(s).

  3. If you or your recipient are unsure about the name of either device, the device name can be found on iOS by opening Settings and selecting General About. The name should be displayed as below.
  4. The recipient will be prompted to either Accept or Decline the file(s). Select Accept to receive the file(s). 


Please Note: Devices must be within 10 metres of each other for AirDrop  to work. While there is no limit to the size of the file being transferred, files larger than 1GB will take a long time to transfer and may be best transferred using a USB flash drive rather than AirDrop .

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