How do I upload from 'Photos' on my Mac to Gallery?


You may have pictures in Photos  that you want to upload to Gallery. An easy way to get your pictures from Photos to Gallery is to export them.

  1. Open Photos  and find the photos you want to upload.

  2. Select the photos by clicking on them (Shift + Click to select a range of photos or Command + Click to select individually). They will have a blue outline when they are selected.

  3. Go to the File menu on the top toolbar, and go to Export > Export X Photos... where X is the number of photos you have selected.

  4. It will open a pop-up asking how you want to export them. Make sure you set the JPEG Quality to Maximum and the Size to Full Size. Then click on Export.

  5. A new pop up window will open, asking Where you would like to save these photos. Save these pictures in a location that you will remember, so that you can locate them when you upload (e.g. Documents or Pictures).

  6. Note: You can also carry out this process just by Clicking and Dragging the photos you want to use onto your Desktop, then upload them to the Scotch Gallery from there. Depending on how your pictures are arranged, it may be easier to do it this way.


For instructions on how to Upload Photos to Gallery, click here.