To connect to the Apple TVs in the JML you will need to make sure that your Bluetooth  is turned on. The rest of the process is relatively simple. When selecting the Apple TV, make sure you have chosen the correct one (they are labeled JML1 and JML2).


  1. Ensure that your Bluetooth  is switched on. This can be done through the top menu bar or System Preferences .
  2. If your Bluetooth  is visible in the top menu bar, ensure that it is turned on. This is done by clicking on it and selecting Turn Bluetooth On.

    1. If Bluetooth  is NOT VISIBLE, open System Preferences  and select Bluetooth.

    2. Then click Turn Bluetooth On.

  3. Once your Bluetooth  is up and running click on the Display Button in the menu bar. Select JML1 or JML2 depending on which TV you wish to use.

  4. This will connect your laptop to the Apple TV using Bluetooth . Please ensure that your computer is no more than 10m from the Apple TV device.

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