Where can I find and download Booklists at Scotch?


To find your son's booklist, you will need to go onto SEQTA Engage  (formerly Parent Connect) and download the booklist from the Documents tab.

  1. Go to home.SCOTCH and click the Parents tab on the top right.

  2. Click SEQTA Engage , formerly Parent Connect. 
  3. Enter in your Parent UID and Password to gain access to your SEQTA Engage  page. If you are unsure about your UID or Password, please click on this link: How do I log into SEQTA Engage?

  4. You will see this screen. Click the Documents tab.

  5. Click on your son's Booklist, which will open another tab.

  6. Then simply click Download in the top right corner, shown below, and once your download has completed, you will have your son's Booklist on your computer.