Why won't Outlook let me attach items from Mount Shares?


If you are unable to attach a document from the Shared Drives  in Microsoft Outlook 2016  you need to be sure that you have mounted Mount_Shares  before launching Outlook 2016.

To ensure attachment of shared files in Outlook:

  1. Navigate to your Desktop and open up Mount Shares. ​
    • ​​If you are unable to access Mount Shares you can download it from Self Service 
  2. If Mount Shares prompts you for your password, enter it now. 
  3. Student Shared and Staff Shared drives should now be available.
  4. Open the drive specific to you and locate the file you would like to attach. 
  5. Launch Outlook from the Applications Folder or your Dock.
  6. Begin writing your email and whenever you are ready, navigate to the attached file from Outlook . Alternatively you can drag and drop it in the email.
  7. You will notice that this will allow Outlook  to use and attach files from Mount Shares. Note that Outlook  must be Closed until the Mount Shares process is completedIf this process isn't completed in this order, you will be unable to attach network shared files.