How do I reference a book?


For a detailed list referencing a variety of book sources, see the Library's Page on Referencing Book Sources. Ensure that you click on the Book tab.


1 Author/Editor

Author's Surname, Initials. (Year published). Title of book. Place published: Publisher.

e.g. Smith, A. (2009). Rock and roll history. London: Scholastic.

e.g. Hallinan, M. T. (Ed.). (2006). Handbook of the sociology of education. New York: Springer.

In-text: (Smith, 2009) or (Hallinan, 2006)


2 Authors

First Surname, Initials., & Second Surname, Initials. (Year published). Title of book. Place published: Publisher.

e.g. Bernstein, D. K., & Tiegerman, E. (1989). Language and communicationdisorders in children (2nd ed.). Columbus, OH: Merill.

In-text: (Bernstein & Tiegerman, 1989)


3 – 5 Authors

First Surname, Initials., Second Surname, Initials., & Third Surname, Initials. (Year published). Title of book. Place published: Publisher.

e.g. Ranzijn, R., McConnochie, K., & Nolan, W. (2009). Psychology and indigenous Australians: Foundations of cultural competence. South Yarra, Vic: Palgrave MacMillan.

First in-text: (Ranzijn, McConnochie, & Nolan, 2009)

Subsequent citations: (Ranzijn et al., 2009)


6 – 7 Authors

First Surname, Initials., Second Surname, Initials., Third Surname, Initials., Fourth Surname, Initials., Fifth Surname, Initials., & Sixth Surname, Initials. (Year published). Title of book. Place published: Publisher.

e.g. Jones, E. E., Farina, A., Hastorf, A. H., Markus, H., Miller, D. T., & Scott, R. A. (1984). Social stigma: The psychology of marked relationships. New York: W.H. Freeman.

In-text: (Jones et al., 1984)


8+ Authors

If there are eight or more authors, include the first six authors, followed by an ellipsis (. . .) then the last author’s name.

e.g. Loxey, W., Toumbourou, J. W., Stockwell, T., Haines, B., Scott, K., Godfrey, C., . . . Williams, J. (2004). The prevention of substance use, risk and harm in Australia: A review of the evidence. Canberra, Australia: Department of Health and Ageing.

In-text: (Loxey et al., 2004)


Unknown Author

Title of Book. (Year published). Place published: Publisher.

e.g. The Australian Oxford dictionary (3rd ed.). (1999). Melbourne: Oxford University Press.

In-text: (The Australian Oxford dictionary, 1999)


No Date

Substitute ‘n.d.’ (no date) after the name of the author.

e.g. Southey, R. (n.d.). The life of Nelson. London, England: Blackie.

In-text: (Southey, n.d.)



Place the title of the poem in double quotation marks.

e.g. Eliot, T. S. (1962). “Macavity.” In T.S. Eliot, Old Possum’s book of practical cats (pp. 41-42). London, England: Faber.

In-text: “Macavity” (Eliot, 1962) tells the story...

OR  “He always has an alibi, and one or two to spare.” (“Macavity,” Eliot, 1962).


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