How do I change my staff/student password at Scotch?


To Change Your Password, you will need to use the PLCScotch Password Change  application. This application should already be installed on your computer; however, if necessary you can download it from Self Service. It is advisable to re-download it each time you change your password to ensure that you have the latest version of the application.

You must be on the Scotch campus for the password change to work correctly. Ensure you are connected to the correct WiFi network, which is PLCScotch.

  1. Open the PLCScotch Password Change  application.
  2. Click on Change Password.

  3. The application will then ask you to enter your Current Password.

  4. You will then need to choose a new password. The new password Must Contain:
    • At least Eight Total Characters;
    • At least One Upper Case Letter;
    • At least One Lower Case Letter; and
    • At least One Number.

      It also:
    • Cannot be the same as one of your Previous 10 Passwords;
    • Cannot contain parts of your First or Last Name; and
    • Cannot contain the word Scotch.

  5. You will need to enter your New Password.

  6. Verify your new password by entering it again. Make sure you Enter it Correctly Both Times!

  7. If you are Successful in changing your password, you will see a dialog box asking you to restart your computer. Make sure you have Saved Your Work, then click Restart Computer


Possible Errors


  • If you have made a mistake when Verifying your password, you will receive the following error message. This is the most common mistake that people make, so be sure that you enter your new password correctly both times! In this case, you will get another chance to enter your new password and verify it again.

  • The following errors will require you to Close the application. To continue with the password change, you will need to Reopen the PLCScotch Password Change  application.
    • If you entered your old password Incorrectly, or it Did Not Meet the Requirements, you will receive the following error message:

    • If you chose a password that included part or all of your Name you will receive the following error message:

    • If you chose a password that included the word Scotch you will receive the following error message:

  • If you get the error message shown below, click on Scotch and then please see 1Degree or visit the Tech Centre as soon as possible.


NOTE: If you have external applications that affect the login process, e.g. a pattern matching log in, face recognition etc, these applications can stop the password change from working effectively. Please do not install these on your laptop. If you have them on your computer and your password change fails, please alert the IT staff member who is helping you.