You can transfer files created in applications such as (but not limited to) iMovie , Photo Booth  and GarageBandinto Showbie  by following this series of steps.

  1. Login to Showbie  using your personal UID (User Identification).
  2. Now, open the application which holds the file that you would like to transfer to Showbie . In this example, we want to transfer one of our Pages Documents and have therefore opened the application Pages , however the method of transferring to Showbie is similar in all the applications mentioned above. 

  3. Open your File, select the Three Dots  and then select Send a Copy.

  4. Choose the format you wish to use. In this example we have chosen the Word format.

  5. To send your documents to Showbie , select the option Import with Showbie.
    - Please note that this option may be Hidden Off-Screen and that you may need to Scroll Sideways to find it.

  6. Select the Desired Folder for your file in Showbie . ​In this example we have decided to save our file in the folder Kindy and have therefore selected the Kindy folder.

  7. The file will now be saved to your selected folder. 

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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