How do I exchange files on Showbie?


'Open In' is an iOS feature that allows you to exchange files between applications on your iPad, including Showbie 

How to transfer a file to other users and applications from Showbie

  1. Open up Showbie from the Home Screen.

  2. Tap the Wrench in the top right and then tap Share and Print. The Login work is done for you.

  3. Select Open in Another App.

  4. Choose your desired File Type: Pages Document, PDF, Word Document.

  5. Then select 'Open in Showbie'.

  6. Select the desired saved Folder Destination. ​Showbie automatically detects your most commonly used destination by default. 

  7. Then tap 'Add File'.

  8. The file will now have been Saved to your desired destination.

It is also important to note that you can 'Open In' files FROM Showbie  INTO other applications.  

This helps you unify all of the apps on your iPad and allow for seamless transmission and transition of work.


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