The DJI Osmo is a versatile stabilized camera on a 3 Axis Gimbal which can be used to capture stable footage in a wide range of circumstances. Detailed instructions on the functions of the DJI Osmo, how to use it, and tutorial videos can be found here. Alternatively, our ask.PLCSCOTCH FAQ on the Osmo can be found here.



The Osmo is designed for simplicity and ease-of-use. However, it is important to familiarize yourself with the operational procedures of the device before use; the components are very fragile and will be damage if mishandled.


Preparing the Camera for Use and Storing it

  1. Remove the lens cap.
  2. Unlock the Gimbal. It is VERY important that they are unlocked in the correct order. It is recommended that you view a video tutorial on the process before attempting it yourself.
    1. First unlock the Tilt motor by twisting it in the indicated direction.
    2. Then unlock the Roll motor by twisting it as indicated.
    3. Finally unlock the Pan motor using the switch.
  3. The DJI Osmo can be turned on and off by depressing the power switch.
  4. When on, your mobile device can be connected to the DJI Osmo by connecting using WiFi. The DJI Osmo should be named "Osmoxxx" and the password to connect is 12341234.
  5. Once you have connected the DJI Osmo, open the DJI GO app. If you have connected successfully, you will be notified, and you can begin filming.
  6. To start recording, press the Red Button. To stop recording, press that button again. Alternatively, recording can be initiated and stopped using the app interface.
  7. Photos can be taken by pressing the unmarked Untextured Button.
  8. When you are done filming, turn off the camera and lock each of the gimbals.
    1. Lock the Pan motor first by engaging the locking switch and rotating the motor counter-clockwise.
    2. Then lock the Roll motor by twisting it upwards.
    3. Finally lock the Tilt motor by rotating the camera.
  9. Replace the lens cap and return the camera to its case.


To mount your mobile device to the camera

  1. Fold down the mount.
  2. Extend the arms. Ensure that the corner mounts are orientated correctly.
  3. Slide your phone in to the mounts from the corner mount first. The mounting system is tensioned by a spring and should securely hold your device.
  4. When re-packing the DJI Osmo after use, ensure that the corner pieces are folded properly for storage.


Basic Camera Functions

  1. The Camera will automatically stabilize itself to film forwards.
  2. By holding the trigger, the camera will be locked in its current position.
  3. The camera can be re-centered by double tapping the trigger.
  4. By triple tapping the trigger, the camera will face the user.
  5. The camera can also be manually controlled through.
    1. Using the control stick.
    2. Using the interface on your mobile device.


For more information on using the DJI Osmo, view the video below.


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