How do I print on my Windows machine at Scotch?


If you are having difficulty printing to the PLCScotch printers, you will need to Restart your machine. This will ensure that the new windows printing Policy is Applied to your system.


If you have any problems, please contact


Once the software is installed on your machine:

  1. Open the Document you wish to print.
  2. Select File > Print.

  3. Select if you would like to Print in Colour or Black & White.

  4. Press Print once you have made your selection.

  5. A window will popup. S​elect the Account to which the charges will be added. You will not have to complete this step if you belong to a single faculty or are a student.

  6. In this instance, I am selecting ILT.

  7. Once your Account Settings are SelectedPress Print.

  8. Go to a printer and sign in using your UID or alternatively scan your Staff Card or Student SmartRider.
  9. Once you're signed in, Select the Document you wish to Print by Clicking on it.

  10. Then Select Print.

  11. To Log Out of the machine, either select log out in the Top right hand corner, or tap your card on the reader again.