How do I scan at Scotch?


The PLCScotch system allows you to use any printer at either campus. Whilst the scan function is very similar to the old system, there are a few small changes.


  1. To begin using the scanner, either Scan your Card or manually Type in your UID
  2. You will then need to select the Use Device Function button.

  3. Then, if need be, Select your Department. You will Not Need to do this if you are a Student.

  4. The printer will then take a few seconds to Customise the machine to your personal settings.

  5. A second screen will load following the personalisation of the machine, you can either select OK or wait a few more seconds.

  6. The following screen will then appear, click the Home button on the upper-left-hand side.

  7. Select the Scanner option.

  8. Make sure that you select the SCAN-TO-ME function. This will autofill your email so that the printer knows where to send the scan.

  9. To start your scan, press the Scan button in the bottom-right-hand corner.

  10. A digital copy of your document will then be sent to your allocated email address.