Self Service  is an application that allows you to download other applications that you might use in your classes. You are welcome to download any of the programs inside Self Service  providing that you have enough space on your laptop. Examples of some of the programs you can find in Self Service  are Adobe Photoshop  and Caffeine 

  1. To find Self Service  you can use Spotlight, which is the magnifying glass that is located at the top right corner of your screen. You can also open Spotlight using the shortcut Command ⌘ + Space.

  2. When you click on Spotlight, it will open a Search Bar. Type 'Self Service' into this bar.

  3. When searching, Spotlight will find anything on your computer related to your query. In this case, you click on the Self Service  Application, as shown below.
  4. Once Self Service  is open, you will need to Login with your UserID (UID) and Password.

  5. Once logged in you can Search and Download whatever programs you need by Clicking Install on any program and it will start to download.

  6. These guides may also be useful if you are still needing help.
    Why aren't my Applications showing up in Self Service?
    How do I download Adobe Products?
    Why is my Self Service 'Unavailable'?


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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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