How do I enable Speech to Text?


Speech to text can be a useful tool if you are trying to type up a document, record a conversation into text, or to make your life easier if you aren't fast at typing. Apple's built-in Speech to Text function can be enabled under Dictation and Speech in System Preferences .

To turn on Apple Speech to Text Dictation:

  1. Click on the  (Apple) Symbol at the top left of the screen, and select System Preferences .

  2. In System Preferences , open Dictation & Speech.

  3. Turn Dictation on.

  4. A dialog box will pop up; click on Enable Dictation.

  5. Click on the Shortcut drop down menu; here you can change what key you use to start dictatingIn this case, it has been left as the default Fn/Function key.

  6. Open up your desired text editor, e.g. Microsoft Word When you are ready to start the Speech to Text recording, Double tap the Fn/Function Key (or the key you chose to use to enable dictating). A small Microphone Icon will appear in a bubble next to your document.

  7. When you have finished speaking, click on the Done button underneath the Microphone icon to end the recording.