Scotch College Library Charge Policy




This policy outlines the process by which the Library will charge a student account for the costs to replace a library resource.



  • Charge:
    A notation on a College account indicating the item being charged and the reason for the charge.
  • Replacement:
    The resource or a similar item re-purchased by the College.
  • Cost:
    The combined cost of the replacement’s purchase and processing.
  • Damage:
    Damage is determined based on the comparable condition of a standard resource of a similar age. Water is often the cause of greatest damage to Library resources.



  1. Students must provide their student User Identification (UID) before an item can be borrowed.
  2. An image of the student and any other items on loan is viewed at the time of borrowing.
  3. An item on loan cannot be issued to another student without first being removed from the last borrower’s record.
  4. In each Library, a location for returning resources is defined and secured to prevent the resource being taken out before being accounted for by staff.
  5. Item loan periods can be viewed at



The Library contains a significant number of resources and it manages these through a system allowing loan periods to be set, along with reminders to return items. Subject to normal loan period, the Library system will remind students (by email) of an overdue loan every two weeks (weekly for equipment loans) for a maximum of four times. This means that, before being charged, the resource will have been on loan for more than a term. The exception to this relates to equipment, which, due to shorter loan periods and more frequent reminders, will be charged at the end of term if still more than one month overdue.


Year 5-12 students will be notified of any overdues by email and in addition, receive in-class reminders from teacher librarians. Students in Pre-Primary  to Year 5 will receive reminders in class and an overdue slip to take home. Once the item is four weeks overdue the teacher-librarian will send an email reminder to the parents.


If a student has an overdue item longer beyond the period stated above, then at the conclusion of that term a charge will be added to their College account. At this time, the item is considered to have become the property of the student/parents and charged items returned after the end of term will not be refunded. This is due to the fact that long-overdue resources are required to be replaced, and in the process, Library will have borne this cost.


The cost of the item charged to the account differs from the base purchase price due to the processing of the resource including covering, cataloguing and other considerations. Students cannot simply purchase another copy of the resource and bring this in to replace the lost item.


If a damaged book has been returned to the library, library staff will make contact, send details, photographs and inform families that a charge will appear on their account in the next billing cycle.


Parents may appeal an account charge by emailing the library ( with their concerns.


We ask parents to consider that an overdue item at any other library would incur daily fees and a block to the awarding of current semester grades until all fines are paid.



Date of policy approval 29/07/2016
Version Number 1.1
Policy Contact Bradley Tyrrell - Head of Library, Information and Research Services
Policy review date 29/07/2017