Microsoft Remote Desktop  acts as the old CoRD system. It allows you to access Windows based applications on your Mac Laptop. This application is useful if you wish to access applications such as Synergetic .


Please note that Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 For Scotch  is designed to connect while you are on Scotch Grounds. If you wish to access applications like Synergetic  from home, please contact the Tech Centre.


To use Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 For Scotch :

  1. Open and Sign into Self Service .

  2. Click on the Utilities tab, and then Install Configure Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 For Scotch. If the button says Reinstall, then Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 For Scotch is already on your device, and installation is not required.

  3. Once the loading icon turns green, with a tick in the middle, the download process is complete, proceed to step 4.

  4. Open the application by Selecting it in your dock or Searching for it in Spotlight.

  5. The Remote Computer to connect to will need to be added. In the Desktops tab, click Add Desktop.
  6. In The PC Name field enter the remote computer name "". In The user account field, click Add User Account.  
  7. In the Username field enter your Scotch username. In The Password field enter your Scotch Password. Click Add. Once the user account has been added, click Add to save the Desktop.
  8. Connect to the Saved Desktop that has been added. When the below message about the certificate authority appears, click Continue
  9. To open Synergetic , select it from the Desktop.

  10. A login screen will appear. You simply need to Click OK as it will remember your password from when you logged into the system earlier.

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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