PDF Encryption is a tool that can be used to limit access to features in a PDF document, or to make it more secure as a password will be needed to open your file.

Warning: Once you have encrypted a PDF, you must remember the password. We will not be able to help if you forget the password you use.


To be able to encrypt PDF files you need Adobe Acrobat DC (Pro) . (Note that this needs to be Adobe Acrobat DC (Pro), not Adobe Acrobat Reader. Acrobat Reader has very limited functionality, as it is only intended for viewing PDF documents, not editing them.)


If you already have Adobe Acrobat DC (Pro) , skip to Step 3.

  1. To download Adobe Acrobat DC (Pro) , open Self Service  and log in with your User ID and Password.

  2. Once logged in, use the Search Bar in the top left of the window to search for Acrobat. Then click Install on Adobe Acrobat DC (Pro) 

  3. Once the download has finished, search for Adobe Acrobat  using Spotlight  (top right hand corner of your screen, or press Command+Space bar). Make sure you open Adobe Acrobat , and not Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

  4. Open your PDF file by going to the top menu and clicking on File > Open
  5. Select your file and click Open.

  6. With your document open, click on Tools.

  7. In the Tools menu, select Protect.

  8. Click Encrypt.

  9. Then select Encrypt with Password.

  10. This will open a pop-up window to confirm that you want to change the security information on your PDF. Click Yes.

  11. A new window will open. This is where you will choose the password you want to encrypt your document with. Make sure you are careful in choosing a password that you will remember, as once you have set a password, we will not be able to help you if you forget it. 

    Check the box next to Require a password to open the document. Then enter your desired password in the Document Open Password box. 

    The bars next to this box indicate the strength of your chosen password.

  12. When you click OK it will ask you to confirm your password. Make sure you correctly Re-enter your chosen password.

  13. After confirming your password, you will see another window that tells you the Security Settings won't be applied until you save the document you are working on. Click OK.

  14. When you have finished working on it, close your document, you will be prompted to Save. Make sure you Save, as this is when your encryption will be applied. Alternatively you can press Command+S to save.

  15. Now the next time you go to open your document, it will Prompt you for your Encryption Password.



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