To add printing credits to an account:

  1. Open Papercut MF in your preferred web browser. You will need to make sure that you have spoken to Dave/Scott to make sure that you have been made an administrator.
  2. Sign in using your UID and Password.

  3. Click on the Users tab in left sidebar menu.

  4. In the Quick Find Field, type the username/student number of the user you need to edit.

  5. Under the Account Details section you will see a Balance area. This will display the current amount of credits the user has. To alter this, click on the Adjust link.

  6. In the Transaction Details window, enter the number of credits you wish to add to the account, write a short Reason for more credits, then click Apply.

    Due to changes in the printing credit system for students, you should Only Ever Give 5.00 Credits to a student.

  7. You should then see a Transaction Successfully Applied message.

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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