Font Book  is a Mac application that allows you to easily add new fonts for use across all applications that allow text processing.

  1. Open Font Book  from the Applications Folder .

  2. To add fonts, go to File and then click Add Fonts... Alternatively, you may drag your .otf or .tff font files into the Font Book window. 

  3. Now navigate to where you have stored your font. By default, when downloading from the internet, your font will be stored automatically in the Downloads folder. Your font will either be a .otf or .ttf file extension; these are the two standard font file formats. Once you have found and selected your font, Open it. 

  4. Your font will begin uploading to Font Book. Once completed you will be able to see the font inside the application window. 

  5. Before you can use the font, you must Restart all word processing applications before it will appear. If the font still isn't accessible, please Restart your computer. 


Where can I find new fonts to add?


  • Font Squirrel, Urban Fonts, DaFont (among others) are all examples of websites that will allow you to search through a large catalog of new fonts for you to download for free.

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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