The new UP BOX 3D Printer is a professional model that includes all the great features that the UP printers are famous for. It is bigger, faster, provides higher resolution, whisper quiet, fully enclosed, self calibrating, includes an air filtration system, and is enclosed in a sleek outer case.


The device has a larger print area than most 3D printers, and an enclosed design that makes printing quieter and produces less of the burning-plastic smell that other 3D printers leave hovering in the air. It is also fully compatible with the UP! 3D printing software  which is available on Self Service.


UP BOXES are stationed in the Reprographics Department at Scotch or in the Discovery Room and in the Junior School Library at PLC. If you would like to print a design you have created yourself, email it to Reprographics for Scotch or come talk to a coach at PLC.


Key Features:

  • HEPA filtration system to remove air-borne contaminants
  • Well engineered with internal steel chassis and impressive HD 100 micron 3D print resolution
  • Fully automatic platform leveling and height sense – no human interaction required
  • Improved 3D printing speed – 30% faster than previous models 


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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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