If your Adobe Flash Player  settings are not configured properly, sometimes you can get a message that says, "You need to update Adobe Flash Player to continue", or "You do not have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer". Before you download Adobe Flash Player , the first thing to Check is your Website Preferences in Safari 


To check your preferences:

  1. Open Safari  and select Safari > Preferences.

  2. Click on the Websites tab.

  3. Tick the check-box to enable Adobe Flash Player  .

  4. In the When visiting other websites section at the bottom, select the option of your choosing: Ask, On, Off.

  5. Alternatively, Adobe Flash Player  can also be configured for individual websites. For each website in the Allow websites to use this plug-in with the settings below: section, choose On or Off.
  6. Reload the original page you were trying to use with Adobe Flash Player , and it should now work.


If you find that Adobe Flash Player  is installed and you do need to update it, please click HERE.


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