The Crestron  app on the two Dining Hall iPads controls the media displayed on the TVs in the dining hall and the annex, as well as the sounds and microphones in the room. Catering has the iPads, remotes and equipment that are needed to operate the set up. The equipment is kept in the servery.


Both iPads should be locked in Single App Mode, so you won't need to launch the application itself.


This ask.PLCSCOTCH covers how to use Presentation Mode and Room Link Mode, as well as how to operate the Sources, Microphones and Blinds


The Dining Hall has Four TV Screens (two on either side of the room).


The Annex has a Projector, often used for giving conference-style presentations.


There are Two iPads used to control the A/V setup; they are labeled Dining Hall and Annex Only.


The Dining Hall iPad has the capability to run the Dining Hall by itself (four TV screens) by using Presentation Mode, or the Dining Hall and the Annex together (four TV screens in the dining hall and the projector in the annex) by using Room Link Mode. The Annex iPad can only run the Annex projector in Presentation Mode.


Launching Presentation Mode


Presentation Mode will run One Room by itself - if you are using the Dining Hall iPad it will run the Dining Hall system, and if you are using the Annex iPad it will run the Annex projector on its own. Use this function if you wish to use only one of the rooms.


  1. Once you're in the App, Press Presentation Mode. The system will now power up (this may take some time).

  2. The TV sets around the room should now be on.


Launching Room Link Mode


Room Link Mode is only accessible through the Dining Hall iPad, and will run both rooms simultaneously. Use this function if you wish to use both rooms at once.


  1. Once in the App, Select the Room Link option.

  2. Proceed as per Presentation Mode by following the instructions below. There are some features unique to Room Link Mode which will be detailed under the appropriate heading.


Choosing an input source


  1. Select Sources in the top left corner of the screen.

  2. Select the source that you would like to display from the selection shown (NB - Wall Plate is only available in the Annex). This source will now be displayed on the screens.

  • Lectern - This will display from the HDMI cable that is found at the lectern in the Dining Hall.
    Please ensure that the lectern is turned on at the wall before operating this input source (the HDMI signal is sent wirelessly to the display input source). This source will also play any audio from the source.

  • Wall Plate - This will display whatever is connected to the wall plate in the Annex below the projector screen. Cables for this input source can be found in the catering office. Audio can be played by connecting an Aux cord between the Aux port on the plate and the source.
  • Apple TV - This will connect to the Apple TV in the cabinet. 
  • Foxtel - This will play Foxtel on the displays. The Foxtel iQ (in the media cabinet) must be turned on first using the remote. This remote can be found in the catering office.

  • iPod - This will play audio only from the Aux cable below the media cabinet. Ensure that the volume is turned up all the way on the device. Volume can be controlled in the Crestron  app (instructions below).


Controlling Volume


Volume is controlled in the Crestron  app.

  • To turn the volume up, press the Volume Up icon in the bottom-right of the screen.

  • To decrease the volume, press the Volume Down icon.

  • The volume can be muted using the Mute button.

  • In Room Link Mode, you can control the volume in each room separately, as seen below.



Using Microphones


Microphones are located in the lectern and are controlled using the Crestron  app once turned on. In the lectern you will find both a lapel microphone, and a wireless microphone. Please ensure that the microphones are turned off after use.

NB - Microphones cannot be used in the Annex and the Dining Hall simultaneously as they share a circuit.


  1. Turn the microphone on.
    1. For the Lapel microphone this is done by flicking the switch on the top of the console to On.

    2. For the Wireless microphone this is done by holding the Power Button. The light on the mic should turn either Orange (Stand-By/Mute) or Green (On). To toggle between these modes, just press the Power Button. Please note, if you speak too loud into this mic, the system will Cut-Out (as a safety measure).

  2. Open the Microphone tab in Crestron .

  3. The volume of microphones can be controlled from this tab. Press the Volume Up button at the top to increase the volume of the microphone. Press the Volume Down button at the bottom to decrease the volume of the microphone. All microphones can be muted by pressing the Mute button in the middle. Please note, at the moment the Green Volume Bar in the middle of the screen will not change - however, the volume will still be adjusted as desired.
  4. In Room Link Mode, the microphones will be broadcast in both rooms, as seen on the display. Any adjustments to the volume will affect both rooms.

  5. Don't forget to Turn Off the microphones when you are finished!


Shutting Down


Once you have finished using the iPad/s, you will need to shut them down.


  1. Select the System Off button in the top right corner of the iPad screen.

  2. To confirm the shut down process, select Confirm.



Adjusting the Blinds


  1. The blinds can be controlled with the Somfy remote.

  2. Option 7 on the remote controls all blinds at once.
  3. To control the blinds:
    • The Down (v) button brings the blinds down
    • The Up (^) button brings the blinds up
    • The Mbutton stops the blinds.


For any urgent issues/queries regarding the system, contact the Tech Centre (Simon is familiar with the setup, and should be able to assist)

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