What channels are shown on the TVs in the Senior School Library at Scotch?


There are five TVs located in the library on the southern facing wall. These display various news channels from around the world. From left to right, the TVs display; Al Jazeera News (Qatar), FOX News, CNN, Russia Today and NHK World (Japanese broadcast).



The idea behind their installations is so that students and teachers can keep up to date on current events. It is also offers exposure to which countries (and their respective news companies) report certain events. For example, when the A-320 plane disappeared between France and Egypt on Thursday 19th May 2016, only four of the five televisions had this listed as a current event. Japan, did not choose to report this as breaking news, and consequently only mentioned it once. The other channels, however, constantly had this news story running and kept updating the public with any new information that they came across. It is important for everyone to realise how selective news companies and certain governing bodies can be when deciding which news they will classify as urgent or necessary.