You are able to publish video content to ClickView Online  by using the ClickView Publisher application available on PC.

PLC Staff, please contact Doug de Cock before using Clickview .

Before following these steps; please ensure that you have read and understood the FAQ on uploading videos to ClickView. Located here.

  1. Open up ClickView Publisher from the shortcut on the SS Library PC's desktop.

  2. Open up the Working Folder. This is where you'll find all of the videos that have been pushed to the server that are yet to be published.
  3. Inside, there are THREE Working Folders available to you. These are;
    ClickView Workspaces, Digital Video Recorder and ClickView Exchange. 
    All recordings Pushed to Publisher from your personal ClickView Workspace, so go straight into the ClickView Workspaces folder.

    Content pushed from ClickView's Digital Video Recorder (located in Tools > Digital Video Recorder), or from the ClickView Exchange folder enter their respective folders. 
    • It is important to note that staff cannot see the videos whilst they are in these three working folders. We have to push them into the ClickView Digital Video Library for them to become available.
  4. For this instance, we will be using the ClickView Workspaces folder as we have Pushed the Video to Publisher from a personal ClickView Workspace. 
  5. Once you have located your video inside your working folder of choice, Open it.
  6. Here you are able to add details to the video. Please give the video an appropriate Rating. Change it to Rated E if the content is intended to be viewable by everyone. Or change it to Rated R if the content is meant to be viewed for a restricted audience only. Also, add several Tags so that the video is easily identifiable.  Afterwards, fill out any other necessary information and select OK. 

  7. Afterwards, be sure to Refresh the page by going to View and then Refresh so all changes are made immediate.

  8. Now we have to move the video into the ClickView Digital Video Library. To do this, Right Click on the video and select Move.

  9. Navigate through the ClickView Digital Video Library to find the most appropriate place to store the video by Category.

  10. Now, ClickView will begin a process of URL Generation which occurs before the video goes live in the ClickView Digital Video Library. To avoid any delay in this automated process; you can do it immediately and manually by simply right clicking and selecting Generate URL.

    The video will now be published in the ClickView Digital Video Library and ready for viewing and sharing.

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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