Many YouTube  videos on the Scotch Libraries page will have accompanying Subtitle Tracks. Usually you are given these in the form of a .stl or other subtitle track format. These can be added to the video through the YouTube  Creator Studio.

NB – the video must already be uploaded to YouTube  If you need to do this please follow this guide first:

  1. Go to and Sign In 
  2. Click on the Account Icon and then Select Creator Studio.

  3. Select Video Manager.

  4. Press the Arrow under the video you wish to edit & select Subtitles & CC.

  5. Click Add New Subtitles or CC. Select a Language.

  6. Press Upload a File.

  7. Change the File Type to Subtitle Track, press Choose File and select the subtitle file from your computer. Press Upload.

  8. Review the video with its subtitles, and press Publish if you are happy with it.


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