What is macOS Sierra and when can I get it at Scotch/PLC?



What is it?

Apple have announced the latest version of their operating system, macOS Sierra.

Sierra will add:

  • Improved speed and efficiency
    ​Behind the scenes, Apple have improved how the OS performs several tasks, meaning you should see an increased performance.
  • Apple Pay
    Apple have added support for Apple pay on their desktop and laptop computers. Now you can make secure payments from your browser.
  • Siri
    You will now be able to talk to Apple's digital assistant Siri on your mac - just say "Hey Siri".
  • Unlock with Apple Watch
    You will now be able to unlock your mac with your Apple Watch - when your watch is near your computer, you won't have to sign in using your password.
  • Universal Clipboard
    Now you can copy on one device and then paste on another. This means you no longer have to email text or images to yourself - just copy and paste!

When can I get it?

While macOS Sierra is now available, we'd like to ask everyone Not To Install it as it may lead to many services becoming unavailable to you, such as printing, network access, backups etc...

When we are certain all of the school services will work, we will start upgrades.