At Scotch there are several ways to set up a Video Conference Call. In general this depends on the organization that is hosting the video conference to which you wish to connect.

In some circumstances, you are able to use the college's CISCO Conferencing Equipment, such as when connecting to a formal conference hosted by an organization. This can only be used when the party hosting the conference sets up the link using a compatible system. The process for this is explained below

  1. Send an email to with at least 1 week notice. In the email make sure you list or link as much information as possible including
    1. Room location
    2. What organization is involved
    3. How many students
    4. If the students need to speak back (use a mic) during the conference
  2. You also then need to email to book the equipment. The TV unit will then be sent to your room for the use. Ensure that you include in your email 
    1. The date/s of the video conference
    2. The period before the scheduled time and the period after in your email to ensure that ILT has time to get the TV to your room and set it up. (effectively for a 1 hour session we need 3 hours booked just in case)

Also, a commonly used service is Skype . The College has no generic Skype email address therefore, you – the teacher – must set this up personally. The ILT Department has a special camera that can be used for ensuring that a wide angle can be seen by the other party.

NB – Often testing is to be done so the minimum time for notification is important and should you have any concerns or is a tight turn around please ring the Tech Centre on 866.

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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