The college policy is for all class and curriculum material to be printed in black and white. If you have an assessment or activity that you feel is an exception and needs to be printed in colour, make sure to note it in your request along with the pages required. Your print job may be delayed until this information is included.

Requests for colour must be submitted electronically via Hard copy jobs will always be printed in black and white.


The College provides digital projection equipment in most rooms. Teaching and learning resources should be Projected for students, and digital copies should be uploaded on SEQTA TEACH (TA) for students to view on computers.

For help teaching with digital resources, the ILT Integration team is here to help.


Unless Exam Booklets have specific/necessary colour elements, you will need to find appropriate grey scale alternatives. Reprographics staff will inform you whether your booklet will be printed in colour.

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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