How do I get Office 2016?


PLC and Scotch have recently upgraded to Office 2016 from Office 2011, you can upgrade through Self Service  to access all of the new features. Be aware the download can take around 30 minutes so ensure you have sufficient charge.


If Office 2011 Update to Office 2016 is not available for you to download, you may not have enough space to download it. The download has a minimum requirement of 25Gb of free space available on your MacBook to ensure it will download correctly. Check if you have enough space on your computer, and once more than 25Gb is available, it should reappear.



  1. Open Self Service  and search for Office 2016. Click Install on the Microsoft Office 2016 (Scotch) search result. Once the download is completed, go to Step 2.

  2. The new office applications should automatically replace your old ones from the dock, however if they have not, you can drag them into your dock from Applications.
  3.  Once installed, the icons should look like this