The teacher salutation on the academic report is drawn from the Salutation field on the Staff Record. This can, however, be overwritten using the Report Salutation field in the Bridging Pop-Up . This is an option that may be useful in cases where more than one teacher took the class and their name needs to be excluded from the report. The Report Salutation Field can be used to include two teachers' names for one subject on the report.


To access this editing panel:


  1. Click on the Teaching Workspace Icon .

  2. Bring up the timetable of the staff member who is currently taking the class. You can do this by using the Search function.

  3. Click on the Bridging Icon  for the class to which you wish to add or change the salutation.

  4. If the bridging icon is not visible, click Show Advanced Actions. The bridging icon should now have appeared – click on it.

  5. Type the name (or names) of the teacher(s) in the Report Salutation field. This salutation should be copied exactly as what is shown at the top of your timetable.

  6. Click Save in the top right-hand corner.


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