The programme set up can be in the cover page tab of your marks book. Please note that there are two special cases, iLearn and Language Acquisition.


  1. Open SEQTA Teach  and Click on Teaching Workspace .

  2. Locate the class you wish to edit and Click on Load Programme .
    If you cannot locate this button please refer to this link.

  3. Once you are in the Coverpage of your Programme, Click on the Edit Marks Book Settings button .

  4. In the Course tab, check the following:
    • The Course Type from the drop down menu. It should be one of the following: MYP, MYP (LOTE), or MYP iLearn.

    • The Cut Off Template must be 2014 MYP: For all subjects.

  5. In the Groups & Types tab check the following:
    • For Full Year subjects (e.g. Maths, Science, English, Humanities, & iLearn).
      • There should be a Semester 1 Report and a Semester 2 Report under the Assessment Groups heading.

      • For other possible Report Assessment Groups please contact your Curriculum Leader.
      • PLEASE NOTE: At report time, the Weight (100%) and Report Checkbox (√) must be set for the Correct Report Group.
    • For Single Semester and Rotation subjects:
      • There is only need for a Single Semester Report Group, as the student will only be in the class for One Semester.


Language Acquisition

  • Make sure that the Course Type is set to MYP (LOTE) in the Course tab.

  • Under the Groups & Types tab you will need to account for the number of LOTE phases you teach. Under the Assessment Groups tab there should be multiple Semester 1/2 Reports if you teach multiple phases. The corresponding phases should then appear in the Assessment Types tab – please see the image below.
  • If you have only One Phase in this programme, then you will only have One Semester 1/2 Report.



  • Make sure that the Course Type is set to MYP iLearn in the Course tab.

  • Under the Groups & Types tab there are two headings. Make sure that under the Assessment Groups tab there are Two Reports for Each Semester, not just one – this is due to the fact that the students take two subjects over the course of the semester, not one.


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