Currently, all laptops run CrashPlan , including those users with Windows. iMacs do not have CrashPlan or any form of active backup (with the exception of the Media machines, which have a Time Machine attached). Those iMac users without any active backup should be storing all data on the Shared Drives  which do have backups.


The Retention Period for staff backup data is 1 Year. So if you suddenly realise that you have lost work and need to recover from a backup, the files will be available up to 1 year.


Once a staff member leaves the College, they will be removed from CrashPlan, and their backups and license will be removed from the system as part of the off-boarding process. If you are leaving, it is imperative that you take all necessary documents with you, and upload all Intellectual Property and relevant work to the Staff Shared drive for your department, and make them available to your Curriculum Leader.


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