To add Homeroom comments for the MYP reports you will need to access the Academic Report tab.

  1. Open SEQTA Teach  (formerly TA ) and click on the Teaching Workspace icon .

  2. Click on the Academic Reports  tab. This is the first icon on the bottom row menu.

  3. In the Select Student box, add the first student in your Roll Group.

  4. Tick the Roll checkbox.

  5. Select the required Report Type, for example Semester 1 Report.

  6. Select the Required Timetable period.

  7. Please Check all of the Comments, ATLs. Totals and Grades for the student.
  8. Click the Add School Values button. This is at the top of the page.

  9. You will require the Class Teacher's Report template.

  10. Click OK.

  11. Copy and Paste your comment from a WordDocument  to the comment field. This is the recommended procedure as TA can sometimes quit unexpectedly and you will lose any unsaved changes.

  12. You can move between students by selecting the Green Arrows  in the top menu. Because you have ticked the Roll checkbox, it will take you to the next student in the Roll Group.

  13. When you try to move to the next student, TA will prompt you to save changes you made in the previous comment. Select Save.


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