There are many guidelines that need to be followed in order to make sure that all of the ask.PLCSCOTCH answers are uniform. Below are thorough instructions and examples.


  1. Creating your Question
    1. Phrasing
      • Questions must be written in a question format
        • i.e. end with a question mark (?)
      • Conversational style
      • Specific
      • Must not be capitalised like a heading, rather only application names should be capitalised
        • e.g. 'How do I print double-sided on Word?'
    2. Details Box
      • Must contain a succinct answer or have important qualifying information
      • Maximum 1 sentence!
    3. Groups
      • ​​Information services – Everyone worldwide!
        • You will usually select this as your group unless you are making something specific just to staff or 1 Degree/Library staff
      • Scotch Staff – All Scotch staff members
      • ILT – Library staff
    4. Once you're happy with the information you've entered select Save Question and Continue.

  2. The next thing you will need to think about are Topics and Keywords.
    1. Topics
      • Use a topic from the list
      • Use as many that apply
      • If you do not think that your question fits under any of the pre-existing topics, ask Brad about creating another one
        • New topics are more likely to be created if there is more than one question that can fall under that topic.
          • e.g. ‘Network & Internet’ was created because ‘WiFi’ did not encompass all internet issues.
      • If you are creating a new topic, it must be capitalised like you would a heading
        • e.g. ‘Malware & Viruses’
    2. To Add a Topic select the Topic you wish to use and select Add.

    3. Keywords
      • Use as many keywords as you need
      • Keywords do not appear on the published document
      • Make sure that they are relevant – you do not need to repeat ANY words that appear in the title or the answer
      • Key words are not case sensitive
      • Punctuation is important
        • e.g. if you put WiFi in your title, you may want to include Wi-Fi in your keywords (and vice versa) incase a student enters that into his search bar
      • You will also want to think about using synonyms
        • e.g. If your question is ‘Why does Chrome keep crashing?’ good keywords would be ‘quitting’, ‘force shutting’, ‘closing’ etc.
    4. To Add Keywords Type them into the field and click Add.

  3. Finally, you will need to Answer your question. This is done by using the following conventions:
    1. General Conventions
      • First line of the answer convention needs to start with a similar or identical statement to that which is in the details box
        • The information inside the details box isn’t visible when the question is opened, only when it is being viewed from the search page
      • If you are using steps, you need to use the ‘Numbered List’ function as it acts a universal formatter

        • You cannot use manual numbering
      • If you aren’t using steps, then you need to use the ‘Bulleted List’ function

    2. Terminology
      • Username should be referred to Student/Staff/Parent User ID (UID)
      • home.SCOTCH should always be written in this manner
      • Same with ask.PLCSCOTCH
        • Lowercase home/ask
        • Uppercase Scotch
    3. Applications Icons
      • Where are application icons stored on ask.PLCSCOTCH?
      • Application icons should appear next to any mention of the application
      • The application name should be bolded
      • Whenever an application name is mentioned, it must appear exactly as you would see – use its actual name
        • E.g ‘UP’ → ‘UP! 3d Printer Software 
      • The icon should appear as a small image – 32px x 32px
      • There is a database of icons:
        • Shared Library > ask.SCOTCH Application Icon
      • If your icon is not in the database please add it
    4. Highlighting Clicks
      • Bold all words that pertain to a ‘click’
      • These words should also be capitalised (as you would a heading)
        • i.e. application names, menu items, checkboxes etc.
        • e.g. Click on Copies and Pages and select Layout.
    5. Images
      • Adding images to the databases
        • Make sure you add them to the shared database
        • They are currently all being stored in a file called 1 Degree Answers
          • Shared File > 1 Degree Answers
        • They must be named very specifically – screenshot1234 is NOT an appropriate file name
          • e.g. Outlook_delegate_search

      • Images must be from the boys’ perspective, ideally an identical screenshot         
        • Please do not use generic photos from the internet!
      • Images must be made responsive (except for Application icons)
        • You must enter a percentage into the width value in the ‘Image Properties’ dialogue box
          • Leave the height box blank
      • When full screen images are required the 13” laptop is 1440 x 900
        • Use full screen mode on iMac, or Responsive design view on Firefox.
      • Images should be edited in preview
        • The rectangle tool should be used to highlight any boxes or clicks that are deemed important
        • The red maraschino colour should be used
        • All lines should not be shadowed
          • Once you’ve used these preferences in preview they will remain the default ones.
    6. Hyperlinks
    7. Headings
      • If you wish to add a heading, select Format > Heading 1
      • Tim has created these so they are all uniform
      • Headings are to be used in an article style answer 
        • There is also a subheading > Heading 2
      • ​Heading 1 is to be used as main heading
      • Heading 2 is to be used as a subheading
  4. You may also wish to Videos, Files or Links. These options live in separate tabs at the top of the text box. Click to switch between them.
    1. Videos
      • Follow Scotch specific instructions
      • YouTube & Clickview
    2. Files
      • Need to be relevant and directly link to the question that is being asked
      • Naming needs to be directly relevant
      • Should only be PDFs unless editing is required – then use Word
    3. Links
      • Format: Title – Description

Once you have completed your FAQ draft, you must process your answer through the Approval Process, which can be found here.

Can’t find the answer you were looking for?

Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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