As outlined in the relevant Employment Conditions eligible staff have the option to apply to Defer their Salary for four years and take leave for the fifth year.


After a qualifying period of three years, eligible staff may elect to defer 20% of their Annual Salary for four consecutive years and receive the Deferred Salary while on Leave for the whole of the fifth year.  The College will pay the deferred annual salary to the employee in fortnightly installments during the fifth year in the normal pay cycle.


Staff wishing to apply for this scheme must apply to the Manager of Staffing and Human Resources in writing.

Leave during the fifth year will not count as service for the accrual of Leave Entitlements but will be deemed as not breaking continuous service.  For the four years of deferred salary, full entitlement to annual leave will be in accordance with the staff member’s FTE status.


If the employee leaves the college before the deferred leave is due to be taken, the total of the salary amounts deferred over the period of the option will be paid to the employee at their date of separation from the College.


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