The College has many special events where programmes need to be printed. These print jobs are often complex and time must be taken to ensure that all work is correct. The following process must be followed to ensure that all parties involved in the event are happy with the printed work;


  • For any special event requiring a printed glossy booklet, you need to submit a Finalised (i.e. print-ready), Marketing-Approved copy of the booklet to Reprographics no less than 3 business days before the event.
    For an event on a Friday morning should be submitted before Tuesday to allow 3 business days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday).
    An event on Friday night should be submitted before Wednesday to allow 3 business days (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday).
  • Submission after this time may be possible but will require outsourced printing at your department's cost.
  • Curriculum booklet printing in numbers greater than a class require at least 2 days notice so that the work can fit in around other print jobs in Reprographics.
  • Reprographics will not edit your documents. Only print-ready work should be given to Reprographics for output.
  • Reprographics will provide you a finished sample of the printing — for final check and approval — before the rest is printed.
  • All documents for printing must be in a PDF format and be setup with the appropriate margins and 3mm bleed (Marketing can advise any variations on this). 

Please be aware that the Marketing and Development Department are explicitly responsible for quality and content for special events. All artwork for events must be given to the Marketing and Development Department prior to being printed. It is not the responsibility of Reprographics staff to remind anyone of this.


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