Adding an Application Icon is like adding an image, however the Width and Height should both be set to 32 pixels.


There are however a few things you should know about the icons:

  • All Microsoft icons, whether they be 2011 or 2016, are named Microsoft_Application.png.
  • The few exceptions to the 32 x 32 px rule are the TA icons and the ask.PLCSCOTCH icons (e.g. hyperlink etc) – These icons should stay at the size their original size, usually around 20pxs.
    • The TA icons are Housed in a folder Within the *Application Icons folder.
    • The ask.PLCSCOTCH icons are titled Utility_Icon_IconName.png.


  1. To add an Application Icon to your ask.PLCSCOTCH, Click on the Image button in the toolbar.

  2. Click Browse Server.

  3. Ensure that it is set to Personal Library.

  4. You will need to add the ask.PLCSCOTCH Application Icons by clicking Upload New Image and selecting them from the correct folder. Please note that you will only need to do this once. After completing this step, you can just search for the file in your Personal Library

  5. Select the image you wish to use by clicking on the Link  icon directly below it.

  6. Copy the Link.

  7. Paste it into the URL field on the Image Properties box.

  8. Make sure the height and width are set to 32 Pixels and press OK.

  9. The Application Icon should then appear one space after the Bolded application Name.


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