How can I change my notification settings?


Notifications settings can be managed in System Preferences  or through the Notification Button  in the Finder  toolbar.


Unfortunately, you cannot monitor Outlook's  Notifications through either of the above methods. To change the Notification Settings in Outlook  please see the following FAQ: How do I hide new email notifications in Outlook?


Managing Notifications through Finder

You can  enable do not disturb through this Notifications  menu. This feature automatically enables whenever you connect your computer to a projector, however you may wish to use it under other conditions.


To turn on Do No Disturb:

  1. Click on the Notifications Button in the Finder menu.

  2. Click on the Notifications tab.

  3. Scroll up and ensure that the button next to Do Not Disturb is switched to On. If it displays as saying Off, click it once to turn it On.



Managing Notifications through System Preferences

The Notification Settings in Finder  can be fine tuned to your own personal preferences. You can select if you would like to be notified with banners, alerts, or you can turn them off completely.


To change your Notification Settings:

  1. Open System Preferences  and click on Notifications.

  2. Your Do Not Disturb options are on the top of the list. You can alter them here.

  3. On the Left Hand Side of the window you can scroll through all of the applications with notification settings. (Unfortunately Outlook  is not controlled through this pane, to see instructions on hide new email notifications click here.)

  4. Once you click on one (Calendar for example), you can change the settings to your own personal preference.