Versions before v2.01 of the operating system installed on the Casio Classpads has a bug that falsely reports that the Calculator has insufficient memory to complete an operation.

There is an update available (version 2.01) that fixes this issue, available here, however the Mac version of the update software seems to no longer be working, so you must use a Windows computer to complete the update.


When installing it onto the students' calculators there is a specific procedure you need to follow:

  1. Open ClassPad II OS Update  on your Windows computer, but do not continue any further.

  2. On the Classpad Home Screen, navigate to the Second Page of icons and tap on the Communication panel (usually located here, student may have moved it).

  3. Tap on the Setup menu then Open Setup Menu.

  4. Ensure the Cable Type is set to USB Cable and Not 3pin Cable, then tap Set.

  5. Plug the Classpad into the laptop using a USB Mini to USB cable. If a message appears about selecting a Connection Mode on the Classpad, tap Cancel.

  6. Tap on the Link menu then OS Update.

  7. Tap OK to start the update

  8. Return to ClassPad II OS Update  and click OK to begin the update. The update will usually take between 5-7mins.

If the update fails, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. If the update fails, you will be stuck on the screen shown below - the Classpad will Freeze on the update screen. Unplug the Classpad and press the Power button, it should turn off. You will have to go through the Initial Setup; tap the crosses in the center to Initialise the screen and leave all other values as their Defaults.

  2. Try Unplugging the Classpad from the computer and trying again, except this time Wait 30 Seconds after plugging the calculator in in Step 5.
  3. Check to see if the USB Cable supports Data Transfer, not just power (Data is usually thicker/higher quality).
  4. If it Fails Again, try the update on a different machine.


If the Classpad breaks during the update and will not turn on, or displays the following imagine (shown below in step 1), perform the following steps to Recover the device;

  1. Ensure the Classpad is on this screen shown below.

  2. If the Classpad will not turn on and display the screen shown above, press and hold the Reset Button for 5 Seconds and the Classpad should display the OS Error Screen.

  3. Now plug the Classpad into the computer and Perform the Update, this should recover the device as well as update it.

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