The procedure for replacing student's laptop bags has changed recently, in that there is no longer a need to create a WHD ticket for every replacement, however the bags can still be claimed under warranty. 

PLEASE NOTE: If a student has a damaged Targus Bag, it is imperative that you get them another Targus Bag, not a Clam Shell as a replacement. They will be switched over during the laptop rollover.


Please follow this procedure;

  1. There is no longer a need to create a WHD Ticket, however you must add the student to the spreadsheet.
  2. Document the student's name, the type of case you are replacing, and the date you replaced it in the spreadsheet. 
  3. If the Targus case does not have a tag, it cannot be replaced under warranty, and the student will be charged for a replacement - make a note of it in the spreadsheet, and liaise with Linda.
  4. Please ensure the damaged case is taken from the student, and delivered to Linda, so she can try and claim a replacement under warranty. 
  5. If a student has lost their laptop case, they must purchase a new case. Check with Linda to see if she has available stock in which they can purchase, if not however they will need to purchase their own case.


Please note that to receive a replacement case (clamshell or bag) they must have a Targus Tag, shown below. Without, the warranty is null and void. 


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