If you forget or lose the password to your online textbook it can be easily reset on the publisher's website.


  1. Navigate to the Website of the Publisher of the eTextbook. This is the website where you usually sign in (i.e. Jacaranda, Pearson, Cengage, Oxford University Press (OUP), etc.)
  2. The most common websites are: for Jacaranda books for Pearson books for Cengage books for Oxford University Press books
  3. Go to the Login Page.
  4. Click I have Forgotten my Password.
  5. Follow the Prompts and enter you Scotch Email Address to reset the password.

    Below are a series of screenshots of the process for JacPlus:

    For Pearson Places:

    For Cengage:

    For OUP:

  6. Check your Emails for an email from the publisher. In most cases they will send you a link to reset your password. 
  7. Follow the Password Reset Link and Reset your Password.

You can now log in to the publisher's website and view the eTextbook. If you have any problems with this process contact 1Degree at or ask your teacher.


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