Adding an Image is like adding an application icon, however the Width should both be set to a percentage value, usually 100%. It is important to change the width to a percentage rather than pixel value as this means the image will adjust relative to the window size.

If you are wanting to insert an application icon, please follow this link: How do I insert an application icon into my ask.PLCScotch?


  1. To add an Image to your ask.PLCSCOTCH, Click on the Image button in the toolbar.

  2. Click Browse Server.

  3. Ensure that it is set to Personal Library. Within this library you can set up your own filing system by creating new folders.

  4. You will need to add the Image by clicking Upload New Image and selecting them from the correct folder. Please note that you will only need to add an image to your folder once.

  5. Select the image you wish to use by clicking on the Link  icon directly below it.

  6. Copy the Link.

  7. Paste it into the URL field on the Image Properties box.

  8. Make sure the Width is set to a Percentage Value, for Websites we use 100%. Press OK.

  9. The Image will then appear in the text box. Please remember that the image should appear directly underneath the step with one line of blank text after it before the next step. The format should be:
  • Text
  • (blank line)
  • Text


If you would like to know where to store your images, follow this link: Where do I store an image for use on ask.PLCSCOTCH?


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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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