To get footage from either the Chapel or the Dickinson, follow the steps below. if you want to access footage from the Memorial or MacKellar, go here, or visit the links at the bottom of the page. 


  1. The footage for the DC and Chapel are now available through Finder. Select Finder, then go to the top, click Go, then click Connect to Server.

  2. Type in smb://​ then click, Connect.

  3. This should open the Recordings server, and you can drag and drop what you need onto your desktop. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU LABEL EACH RECORDING IN THE SERVER CORRECTLY. For example, Scotch Senior School Assembly 1/1/19, or Scotch Middle School Parent Teacher Night 1/1/19, etc.

  4. Once the video is downloaded launch a video editing program of your choice, such as Adobe Premier Pro  or iMovie and import the footage. Please visit  for tutorials that show you how to use these applications.

  5. Trim the Footage to remove excess footage at the start and the end of the clip. Start the video at the beginning of the assembly, and end it after the staff have left (general announcements to students after staff have left should not be included in the video). Ensure that the audio and video quality are acceptable to be published.
  6. Add the Scotch College Fade-in Sequence at the start of the video. This can be found on Staff Shared  at the directory Staff Shared/Library/Logos and Crests/Video Assets/Logo/ Add a fade transition between the intro and the body of the footage.

  7. Export the Footage in 720p from your video editing application.
    This ask.PLCSCOTCH details this process:

  8. Open your Exported Footage in Handbrake  and Export it in a Lower Quality. Move the quality slider to the left to decrease the quality and file size, typically a setting of RF 18 is suitable for these recordings. Ensure that the file is less than 1GB.

    The process for reducing file sizes with Handbrake  can be found in this ask.PLCSCOTCH FAQ:​.

  9. Upload this Video to YouTube through the Scotch Library Account. Instructions for this process can be found here. Ensure the video is unlisted
  10. Add the link to Vidigami, instructions can be found here.


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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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